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Active Life Course Lab


@ Waseda University

Dr Annear leads the Active Life Course Lab at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. The lab is a new initiative within the Super Global University (SGU) program that aims to bring international best practice in public and environmental health to urban Tokyo. The Lab's mission is as follows: 

To inform urban environmental development and support active living at all ages through research innovation and community engagement.

The core objectives of the Active Life Course lab are as follows: 

  • To provide a world-class evidence base to support the promotion of an urban environment that facilitates higher levels of physical activity across the life course, from the very young to the very old.

  • To develop strategic local and international partnerships across academia, industry and branches of government to promote and implement best practice strategies for overcoming ecological barriers to activity. 

  • To provide a safe and welcoming space for a globally diverse cohort of students and academics that is free from bullying, harassment, and coercion in all forms. 

Within the Active Life Course lab, the concept of environment is based on a social-ecological model of health promotion wherein myriad multi-level challenges and opportunities are recognized as acting upon individuals, from family and neighborhood factors to built environment and government policy. Scroll down to see an overview of the recent research work (both previously published and ongoing) that reflects the focus of the lab.


Active Life Course Lab research blog

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